Good morning/afternoon/evening.

My name is Andrew but you can all refer to me as Roo. I am a 23 year old new blogger. I have started this blog to help me within myself and to help monitor things in the longer period.

I have suffered with depression for years and have always had issues with emotions and recently I have had the title bipolar placed on it. Exciting stuff right?! A lot of things I experience and do all fall in this group and I’m awaiting further confirmation of this! So for now it’s unofficial.

I am currently engaged and we have set the wedding date to the end of this year! How exciting is that! My partner, Tom, is one of if not the most important person to me and I think I’ve realized I’m doing this to help us better as a couple and to help release stress and all sorts on here.

I have always been a more digital person so this is my online Journey. Feelings. Personal information and all of that would be documented on this.

All comments are welcome. I do hope you all give me patience whilst I get used to this new thing.

Thank you.



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