When You’re Smiling.

Saturday 5th March 2016 7:33pm

It’s Saturday! The first day of the weekend! The only day it’s acceptable to run around like a headless chicken and do everything physically possible since you can’t do it in the week.

This morning I woke up incredibly happy. So did Tom. Brilliant. I was happy. I felt positive, I think I needed a proper sleep. I did have a sleeping tablet last night as its acceptable since no alarms and that. So slept through most of the night and I had at least 7 hours and 30 minutes according to my Fitbit. Best sleep in over a week. Now that’s a personal best. Let’s try and beat it tonight.

So very positive start to the morning. We lay in bed and just laughed and acted silly. It was lovely. Then Tom went and practised on the piano. It was lovely to listen to. Very soothing. I think I’m going to ask him to teach me how to play I think. Obviously after the knitting, the charm making and wedding planning. So busy and important these days!

We went for a walk at Coombe Abbey today. Tom and myself, our friend Rhia and her dog Albert or as we call him Bertie.

I love Rhia. She’s amazing. She’s been one of the best people in my life since I can remember! She’s one of these people who knows when something is wrong and is always around if you need her without having to ask. She is incredibly intelligent and so funny and witty. She’s amazing! Over the last few weeks whilst I’ve been off she has helped keep my spirits high. Tom also has done this just to point out but I just wanted to write about her for now. Tom doesn’t get enough praise for what he does but he will soon.

So over the last few weeks she has been a round for me. If I’ve been low she’s been on the other side of the phone. She sends stupid messages regardless and genuinely is a caring person. So every week we did a day trip. Just somewhere me and her. Just to get out of the house as I was going crazy. We went to London, we went to Stratford, Birmingham we are currently discussing where to go next! We went for long walks, random shopping trips to help calm our nerves. We where ladies who lunched. Ladies who photographed everything. Basically we where major ladies. She got me into yoga and I love her for it. She helped me realise my inner me.

So today walkin round Coombe abbey with her and Tom was perfect. Despite the random bursts of rain and snow and hail and horrible winds, we all had such a smile on our faces. Nothing was going to remove it. We walked in all of the mud available. Took photographs of all kinds of trees and plants and ponds so do not be alarmed if you see loads of wildlife pictures on my Instagram. We had so much fun. It was needed. I had the song when you’re smiling playing in my head and it’s true. When you’re smiling the whole world does smile. Everyone today has been so happy! Even the random dog walkers we passed by!

So we had such a laugh. We where muddy and messy and incredibly cold but so happy. This mood hasn’t faded since then! So we dropped Rhia home and then Tom and I did our lunch. Was lovely. I had a driving lesson.

Absolutely terrified for some reason about driving at the minute. I think it’s the weather. It scares me. But it went well. After the lesson we planned our dinner, I sat and made some new charms available on Phimoublé Charms on Facebook. Go buy something it’ll make me so happy, thank you. And I’ve been sat knitting whilst we watch Bridget Jones. Today has been so lovely.

I know I’ve said that word an awful lot, lovely, but it has been. I think my happy pills have kicked in. My positivity has sky rocketed. Toms happy. Gypsy is happy. Everything is good. Yes yesterday I was on a right foul one but today it’s like a fresh page. Is this the magic of Sleep?! Have I been missing this my whole life?!

Is this why adults are grumpy all the time? They don’t sleep enough? Questionable but probably true.

I don’t want to loose this feeling. I don’t want to sleep incase it doesn’t feel the same tomorrow. I’m sure it will as we get to see both our families for Mothers Day! I love family time.

Now I’m going to continue knitting. We are going to watch a nice film and then I shall sit and eat Ben & Jerrys phish food ice cream as I bloody deserve a good treat! Tom has brownie one to eat tonight too. Tonight will be major snack and films night with some alcohol, not a lot for me just a small vodka or two.

Happy Weekend.

Oh I’ve also taken to saying ‘Come the Fuck on Bridget’ to absolutely everything. I think this needs to stop.


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